Customer demand-oriented, technology innovation as the driving force, adhere to the core concept of win-win cooperation, GEP is committed to become the most reliable high-end intelligent environmental protection equipment manufacturer.

Precision Manufacturing


Forced by internet plus and industrialization 4.0,based on the major needs of the industrial Internet era, the company provides leading intelligent technology and services in the industry, concentrates on supporting the manufacturing industry development with the leading technology and services together with the industry chain partners, helping customers achieve higher and faster value growth.

Service system


GEP Ecotech has established a complete service system, which can provide customers with professional design, site planning, and guidance of installation, professional training and other comprehensive services.

Spare parts


The original accessories are the key elements of the equipment to maintain a long service cycle. GEP Ecotech is committed to providing customers with complete models and excellent quality equipment parts and wearing parts, to ensure that every component plays the most effective role in the operation.


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